Monday, December 29, 2008

Twitter Tweeple and Infinite Time-Sucks

I was a myspace addict. (I wish I could insert "teen" there... but I was in my thirties.)

Seriously. It started with my previous law partner's obsession with it, which I had to get in on... The giggles coming from her office inspired rabid jealousy in me, as I sat in my office, sweating over some brief or motion. I was severely lacking in the infinite time sucks at work that were giving joy to the nation.

So I went through the social networking evolution that ranges from tasteless (but hilarious!) posts, memes, and eventually blogs. I wrote blogs. (which I have now discovered, were "naked" blogs). I stalked blogs. I had a little circle of bloggers and blog readers established... when, WHAM! I became a paranoid version of my old blogging self, visions of my really bad poetry being dissimated in open court, simply because I was in the paper. Or something like that.

Delete. No more myspace blogs. No more myspace "friends." And I miss the ones I had such heated blogging discussion with. No more crossdressing Renaissance Faire performer, no more Music Exec turned writer who dropped out of the rat race to write, no more poet from New England trapped in Mississippi. Shit.

So I went to facebook. It seemed like all the grownups were there, and it provided a degree of privacy that myspace didn't. (and that I didn't really want.) And well, I cannot, cannot immerse myself in the facebook phenom. Rarely, does someone post a blog, which facebook insists on calling a "note." Rarely, does anyone post some bit of tacky comedy on my page. And never, ever, do I receive a "bulletin." Blah.

But today, an epiphany! My friends are on facebook to stalk! They're on myspace to stalk! My friends are not exhibitionists, they are voyeurs! And lets face it, the only part of facebook most folks are reading are the "status updates." So why facebook? When you can Twitter? All status updates, all the time. I'm giving it a shot, won't you?

Follow my tweets @ I'll follow yours, wherever they are.

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  1. twitterer..

    I have twitter on my phone but i don't have an account yet.. I'll join you haha