Sunday, February 8, 2009

si y brandy projecto de arte

finally finished the obamanaug collage at shawn's this morn. ingredients: One January 20 Washington Post, three gallons of mod podge, our photos, yee haw industries, five year old intervention, some free entertainment papers from dc, the usa today from jan 20, dust, beer, and a cardboard box that once held juiceboxes. the capitol and the obamas are paper dolls from the kids' post- and even had directions to build a diorama with them. (the post in genius to get KIDS asking MOM to buy a paper... maybe they will survive the newspaper smackdown!)

Still working up the scrapbook underneath- not happy with the binding, must coptic stitch. also-all outta modpodge, glue, tape, and inspiration.

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1 comment:

  1. so awesome.. so jealous.. I want to see it's glory!

    I need to work on my shadow box but it gonna be pricey and not so economical and smart.. I love your creativity bitch!

    and oh yes.. lets make stuff for b-roo