Monday, June 1, 2009

pottytraining a chicken

this weekend- whiteface and peep fell to the forces of the darkside.

when i found them, they were both lying on the ground, completely gutted, and mowgli was standing in the rubble.

mowgli has a big bite out of her wing, a portion of her comb missing, and a broken foot. those are the parts that i can see.

she peeps constantly for her sisters. she has a peeping purrrr that she exercises when i pet or hold her. she follows me around the house. she tried to follow dingle, but as usual, dingle plucked out her tail feathers. she has no sense of balance now and keeps falling off of things.

the first night i brought her in the house (awaiting the building of a hen house, the coop too weak), i put her in a rubbermaid container. a couple of hours later, she was nowhere to be found. when the sun rose the next morning- she was in the hanging light fixture in the dining room. good hiding spot.

silas now understands that the hen is a girl, and calls her she. he renamed her stella. i added the artois. (beerz beerz beerz) he tends to call her stella mowgli now.

this is her third day inside. i stopped by the house a bit ago, and i caught her pooping in the toilet. now, whether the toilet seat is a good perch, thereby rendering this a coincidence, is unknown. but if she potty trains herself- well- we have a very very odd house pet on our hands.

pic of stella artois below, posted from my cell

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  1. that's awesome! i once had a kat who was potty trained - not on purpose though