Monday, August 10, 2009

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Snuffles of armadillos
so close, they're your pets
Snakes so calm
they sunworship with you
Raccoon offerings left each night
Five wild horses
who join you on your night swim
Nudges from nocturnal stallions
waking you in your hammock at midnight
Frogs singing, frogs holding on
sucker toes on your shoulder
Beatles who join your picnic
and skeeters who picnic on you

Dunes filled with
freshwater necessaries
creature tracks to the treasure
Sea oats feeding the
hungry and the hungry feeding
Bobcats -roaming in moonlight
a marriage therein
of people and nature and love
wearing sea nets as rings
and swearing undying love to children

Sacred numbers following
thirty-six, the age that i became
thirteen, the honeymoon suite
ten, the years C and T have shared
six, the number of company
two, the number of young souls
one million, the stars

Live oak forests with moss
Spanish, reaching to touch
Palmetto- the home to millions
Living leaf litter and
Toys for the boys
Climbing her arms, her body
Basking in her cool, sweat
illuminating all who pass
Dappled sunlight, comfort,
so near the beating heat of the
Burning Dunes- but an entire
World Apart.

An ocean teeming with life
caressed by the moon each night that
she Rises, full and whole
imparting her magick to the tiny
living that we all are
splashing our faces in amniotic fluid
she teaches, she calms with
White Noise.

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  1. It was more than was mythological. You were the best person ever to have shared the experience. Thank you. Your thoughts brought me to soul yearns to return.