Monday, September 21, 2009


(If you CLICK, It will grow...)

Okay, so most of you know that I'm obsessed with organic earbobamajigs, and they're not so easy to find (outside of Bonnaroo that is, where they're WAY overpriced, like sixty bucks overpriced). I have three pair that I had to search far and wide for- and that's not enough selection for me!

Enter the Brandy/Shannon bidness venture of Bodhi Bodies. We picked thirty organics and ordered them from a producer in Bali. They're all handmade by Balinese men, of water buffalo horn, bone, brass, silver, abalone, amber, mother of pearl, and indigenous wood. NOTHING is killed for the earbobs, as water buffalo is the primary meat product of Indonesia and as the craftsman says "makes number one satay." The rest are renewable resources, as the Balinese are loving of their environment. (Actually, he thought I was silly to think that maybe, just maybe, they're cutting a tree or killing an animal for earbobs... or that little kids were making them.)

Now, of course, you're saying to yourself "Pretty, but I cannot cram those huge emeffers in my ears..." NOT TRUE! A standard ear peircing is an 18 or 20 gauge post. These begin at 12, which is a small stretch. Yes, you have to stretch. But...

1. It's really not painful, just a lil throbby for a bit...
2. I will show you how...
3. Yes, you can still wear your "regular" earrings (unless you decide to go balls to the wall on this)...
4. Myself, Tracie Hellwinckel, Shannon Foster, and Amy Brown have already "stretched" and none of us cried... (Shannon felt all "native" and Amy just excitedly texted me a couple of nights ago that they were IN.)
5. If you're already a large gauge, we have imported those too...
6. These will not irritate your piercings. I have always had to wear gold- till now.

Anyhoo- Bodhi Bodies will have a website soon and a twitter account. This is so that anyone who decides to stretch will be able to find NEW styles without going to Bonnaroo or Atlanta. Oh, also, I'm selling these things. is not quite active yet, but maybe you can follow it now... is owned by us, but not built yet, we will tweet when it's ready... is me! is Shannon... is Tracie, if you wanna ask her about the stretch... she's the "biggest"

Also, if anyone actually orders before they arrive (we're looking at prolly a week or so now) then the price is 20% less, and if you think you can sell these things to your peeps- we are cutting others in! We have presold enought that we anticipate placing another order ASAP, after these arrive.



  1. I admire your obsession, but personally not a fan. The really reason I'm here is to let you know:

    I nominate you for the "Honest Scrap" award. If you wanna do it, do it. If you don't, don't. View mine and the instructions at:

    My post may or may not cause you to giggle. And be nice (my mom reads my blog and I'm already on her shit list).

  2. yes, i understand, there is a sad lack of hello kitty and zombies in this product!

  3. oooo are there prices listed? i really like some of those!