Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ths ain't your mama's fence...

Usually, at House of Silly (nee, Purple House), friends and foes have to cram on my porch for the conversation... a porch shared with a chicken, her poop, an out of control pumpkin, one to three children, odds and ends furniture, a hammock, and my camp gear... (yes, I AM a slob). But a miracle has occurred, and you my friends shall suffer no longer!

As if the toys on my cabinets, the random Harry Potter references, the books of childhood, the butterflies randomly placed on the walls, the silly figures standing sentinel over the doors,the bicycle parked in the kitchen, the random wild artwork of anyone who will make me some, the laundry everywhere (etc etc etc) were not enough whimsy- I have added my "very granny sanford and son privacy fence" to the mix... And now, we have room to move.

FYI- The fence was inspired by the drawings of old old fences in Mercer Mayer books; Bubble Bubble is the exact one. I've got a Mercer Mayer addiction.

Eddie and Sonny of the hood gladly undertook the job with their crew. On Sunday, they dug all the holes, set the fence posts, and built the frames for the fence. Monday, at my request for randomly sixed rough hewn lumber, they trekked to an Oak Ridg sawmill and picked up 1400 board feet of thick oak planks.

(wait... scroll down... this picture has nothing to do with this, i just like it)

These planks are twelve feet long and according to Eddie, are typically used in constructing furniture.

Because I wanted the 1930s junkyard look, they eyeballed the halfway point of each plank, cut it, and nailed it up. And today, my all original stick built, annoying to the neighbors fence is UP!

And already I am thinking of the parties that I'm going to throw for you guys... (of course, culminating in our yearly solstice bacchanalia). But in the meantime- I have forty feet of alley facing graffiti wall that needs some love.

That's right! Dig out all those buckets with only an inch of paint left in them, find your old spray cans, get out your stencils- because the alley needs to lighten up and I need your contribution!!! So, whaddya doin this weekend?


  1. I love it! excellent choice and now the purple house is even more unique to the hood

  2. does eddie knows he's on the internets?