Thursday, October 22, 2009

Found: The Heart of Dia De Los Muertos

“Dia de Los Muertos”

The beat of my heart has disappeared from earth
But it rings loudly in another world

I can still see you, living and dreaming
Loving and smiling
The children, los nietos
I hear them

My love, the one I left behind,
I feel the mourning, I sense the pain
Of Lost

Do not worry
I come back to earth to celebrate my life
In spirit
So will you

Come Dia de Los Muertos
Fill me with living

Let me walk this earth once again
Touch the stars
And kiss the ones I have loved the most

Remember our boda?
The veil you wore
Sprinkled my soul with passion

And my camaradas, how I miss them.
Through thick and thin,
They stood their ground

My nina, my bella nina ...
She said goodbye
In her own special way


The rhythm begins
Color your face into skulls
Wear hats in my honor

I see you

Dancing across the night
Under the beauty of the night
To the beat of my heart
The altar in my honor
Inside la casita
Breathes the soul back in me

Dia de Los Muertos,
Come back to me
So I can feel home again.
-Olivia Garcia

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