Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pa rum pa pum pum...

The problem with photoing a drum circle, is, you're never holding a camera when thinks are really in sync. (like when all the women were dancing around the fire and all the men were drumming- it was ON) Just during the downtime. But here are a few drummers anyhoo!

Mary (hanging drum), Jon (cajon), me (djembe), chad (waaaa waaaa tube), Jamie (post-surgery), and Jana (bongo)

Shannon (ankle bells), Silas and Willie (nintendo DS), Gary (digiridrum) and Matthew (kettle drum). I WANT THAT KETTLE DRUM!

Sophie (Kung Fu Master), Sierra (child drum prodigy), and Jeremiah (skateboard professional)

Amy (bongo), Tut (djembe), Tracie (cajon), Vania (waa waa tube), Robin (congo), Diana (maracca)

Shannon (ankle bells), Keith (bubbles), Jana (snare), Amy (bongo), Tut (djembe)

Tut added a lil scratchin in with his drum style.

Tracie is a gigglebox back there...

I caught all the men in the kitchen, voting that all women from that day forth shall wear ankle bells like Shannons.

The police came at about this time and, PANIC, gasp, wanted someone to move their car...

I love this photo because you can tell that Tracie is totally feeling her beat, by looking at her back.

Vania, is clearly confused by the Cajon.

Jon just put his hand THROUGH THE HEAD OF TRACIES DJEMBE. For realz. He's there, standing, saying WTF?

Me. On the bubbles. My best talent.

Happy Diana.
Another circle soon...


  1. So much fun...can't wait to try the new bongos!

  2. looking forward to the next one, hopefully my orb comes to dance again

  3. i think his name is fred. or matilda.