Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wish Me Luck

Dear Universe,

It's 5a.m.

I am already tired.

Two briefs (over) due with threatening mail coming from the Court of Appeals...

A trip to Kinkos necessary for binding at 7a.m.-

Many many documents to draft and phone calls to make-

A hearing this morning; an unstable relative trying to get custody of a 13 year old girl-

A pregnant sister to visit in Louisville-

Silas' fall break begins-

My fridge is empty-

Autumn and rain have slowed my biorythms and sapped my energy-

Tammy's off Friday-

Some semblance of a personal life?

Send me mojo, luck, energy, love, orbs and strength. Or funnies; laughing makes me feel better.

I need help.


  1. I sent you a Pooh quote AND a Snoopy on your FB wall - I figured this long a gloomy week called for the big guns to be brought out! Here's another Pooh quote for extra mojo:

    "When late morning rolls around and you're feeling a bit out of sorts, don't worry; you're probably just a little eleven o'clockish."
    Winnie the Pooh

    This one always makes me feel better, because the majority of my days tell me that I'm a little eleven o'clockish!

    ~ Dawn

  2. If you feel eleven o'clockish, you can eat elevensies the hobbits do it.