Thursday, April 8, 2010

Solve This. Please?

Now. I think of gardening. I am even obsessively checking my seedlings and digging and weeding. It's my current religion. It's (dare I say it?) mindless. Mindless affection poured on the ground and mama pancha. I also lavish her with my angst of the day, but she doesn't seem to mind.

It reminds me of when people say, "Give it to Jesus." Since that never really worked for me, I give it to Earth.

And here's the question that I gave her today...

How does one give direction to a seventeen year old girl with the following skills:

1. a two year old child;
2. a ninth grade education;
3. a foster home which will terminate in October;
4. a mentally ill Father;
5. a Mother that lives with a pedophile;
6. ummm, that's it. and those are the good parts.


I chose to take her to every military recruiter in town today. Seemed a good idea at the time. WRONG.

She took a practice military entrance exam and made a 7/100. Yes. A 7. (And she's more functional than most of my child clients...) She must score a 50 to be "accepted" to the Army, Navy, or Marines. It takes a 65 for the Air Force. The only way that they will accept someone with a GED is with fifteen college credit hours. Oh, and btw- no single parents.

The economy they all said. We can now have a "more professional military."

Job Corps split Tennessee, as you know. Murder was the cause.

DCS will stop paying for foster parenting in October. And GED classes.

Solve this. Please?

I have some other puzzles to put out there- so let's do our best to continue this conversation...


  1. Could she possibly get a job as a janitor or a waitress? Do those jobs require a GED?
    That's so sad..

  2. A 7 out of 100? WTF. Your day sounds shitty, sorry. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. And sunny. The wet today will make the weeding easier tomorrow. --Michele

  3. Hi there. Speaking of gardening, I was one of those Swap-Bot people you flaked on (Naeco). If you get a chance, maybe you could send some seeds for my planting seed swap so I don't think you're a total jerk. No hard feelings, but joining swaps without sending is the equivalent to walking into a person's house and pocketing their jewelry. It would be much appreciated if you followed through.

  4. oh naeco- i totally will! but i can't get into my swapbot account because i had a total brainfart. notice how all was good- then NOTHING. i'm totally locked out. so- leave your address and what i owe you here, and i will send it. (nobody can see a comment until i publish it- i just won't pub) otherwise- there's nothing i can do. (btw- i didnt steal your jewelry, nor did i ever get any seeds)