Saturday, January 3, 2009

TELEVISION GOES DIGITAL IN FEBRUARY *fn1: you may be dying a slow death from arsenic, mercury, radioactive isotopes and other lovely things

above: the bad news travels fast without containment; below: the ash entering the Clinch River from the Emory River.

BB: What does everyone in West Tennessee say about the TVA ash? There's a coal fired power plant near you too!

BB's Cousin: Seems like i've heard something about it...

BB: Its a big deal cuz. Seriously, everyone should be looking into how TVA is ridin' dirty.

BB's Cousin: I think I saw it once on the news here...

BB: Seriously?

BB's Cousin: I do know that TV is going digital in Febrary; now THATS all over the news.

And thus, the active and aggressive public relations campaign, coupled with the fear of job loss (everyone wants a job for TVA; it pays so well!) has essentially silenced a huge health concern for Tennesseans, Georgians, (Americans?)

Thankfully, there are active people out there like have been on the ground since the day after the sludge erupted. They have been taking water samples (and paying $250.00 a pop for the testing) and getting the results much more quickly than the uber-powerful, TVA. Hmmm...

United Mountain Defense has made all of their photography and testing data available for public dissemination. Further, they invite any and all input on interpretation of that data. If you are qualified to comment on the data, the cleanup, flyash, health and safety, etc., please contact them. They need all the help they can get. (I am just a lawyer, with a lowly bachelors in zoology- I am in no way learned on these things.) Please don't forget that while they need labor, these folks also need MONEY. There is a paypal button on the UMD site.

Some photos and videos from the UMD blog,

The Emory and Clinch Rivers (a couple of weeks ago, a flyfisherman's paradise):

The TVA "police" detaining and denying access to all but those who are living with the ash:

Information on the contents (and dangers) of flyash, the contents of the water, personal stories, mounds of photos and videos, are currently available (and will continue to be posted) on the UMD website and corresponding blog. Actions needed are donations of time, money, expertise, clean potable water water water, medical grade water filters, lab analysis, and demands that this be taken seriously by locals and nationals alike. A letter dropped to local, state, and national politicians regarding our demand for clean water and TVA accountability would also be great, and some grassroots getting' out the word is necessary to overcome what has been a fantastic cover-up.

This spill doesn't just affect Roane County. The ash is moving (there IS NO containment). It's not just waterborne, it's airborne. It's not just fish it hurts, its us. (Silicosis, anyone?)

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  1. Nice job, BB. Really enjoy the interview with yo' cousin'.