Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beautiful Twunts

I have only been on twitter a short time, but some very interesting phenoms in the arena of famous/kinda famous people has arisen. I follow and unfollow them once I'm bored, but this is what I see:

1. The Extremely Boring Person Who Must Have a Great Publicist Tweeter

Jon Mayer tops this list. While always easy to look at, and sometimes easy to listen to, his fitness tweets are unbearable. I unfollowed upon the following tweet: 15 mins cardio, stretching, 4x25 reps lats, quads and abs. Also, pracitcing defensive sprawl on ab ball. 5 minutes cardio cool,stretch. I can see why he 's the victim of short term (only) dating of the beautiful womens. See also @diablocody talking about Rock of Love.

Upside: sometimes he tells a joke from a laffy taffy wrapper.

2. The Seriously Trying Twitter to Save/Amp Up Career Tweeter

Going with Dave Navarro Here. Not only is there a slap fight between my friend (real, non electronic) and Dave, but Dave tweets about a hundred times a day and replies to people constantly. While it seems sweet at first, upon introspection, it's bit pathetic. My own friends (real, non electronic) don't even reply this much to ME. Wait, umm, maybe I will follow Dave after all.

Upside: so he's human, and he cares what you think. cuz without you, he can't afford eyeliner.

3. The I'm So Vain, I Bet That Twitters All About Me Tweeter

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I had to include both, because they are so inseperable that their tweets are almost always re-tweets of one another's thoughts. And unlike sweet Dave N., they're not joining the conversation, they're teaching you! From Kabalah insight to advice on how to be kind, two of the richest and most removed people from reality will teach you how to live, properly. Also, they think everything they do is cute. Just follow. Massive TwitPics ensue.

Upside: the constant pics and video proof that this is true love and not some kinky may/december fetish.

4. The Seriously Interesting Because They're Talented and Creative Tweeters

Amanda's not touring with the Dresden Dolls but she sure as hell knows how to live. I have followed her all over Europe, including the double tweeted meeting of her and...

Neil IS awful busy tweeting Coraline, but then again, he's on a publicity tour of the world. Also, he tweets about his comic bookery, his bad hair (almost always with photo) and replies to folks a fairly normal amount. He's smart and humble. Good twittery.

Okay, after this one, I promise not to list anymore artists/authors of comics. But these guys are witty and usually have something interesting to say, links to share, and an ongoing conversation to participate in. Warren probably tops most of them.

It appears that everyone in the twitosphere follows Will Wheaton. No, it's not because he was on the tele once upon a time. It's because he's smart. And a nerd. And we get that.

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