Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Octomommy Poverty Rebut

The Intertubes and the Teevees and the ancient form of communication made from dead trees, are flooded with piss and vinegar aimed at the gigantic uterus of Nadia Suleman, nee Dowd, a.k.a. Octomommy Dearest, a.k.a. Nadya Suleiman. I can't figure out what the hell her name is.

While the personal decision to single mommyhood of a litter of younguns may be any number of negative adjectives, she's not (very) unique. Ain't it cute that her personal idol has six but wants twice that many? And ain't it lovely that Kate Gosseling has had eight through IVF? And nobody bitches about those backward ass Duggars for giving us eighteen with no signs of stopping. Jeebus.


No, Please. Don't answer that. I'm overrun with the opinions. (She's single! She used IVF! She's had funky ass plastic surgery! She asked for money online just like those beautiful fucking Duggars AND the adorable biracial Gosselings!) And all the lame ass opinions boil down to: "I hate her because she's a broke ass motherfucker."

Whoa. I hates THAT.

(The news never reports on the deadbeat dads who have sired more than fourteen, who have made no effort to support them, and who are all state supported. And trust me, in my line of work, I see that often. Only women are bad for that. Only poor women are bad for that. )

Hey assholes. If you hate poverty so much, do something about it. Unleash your venom on corporate welfare.

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  1. This lady needs serious mental help and those kids seriously need a good home. Before I even knew of her financial and obvious mental issues.. I hated her She had a fucking litter on purpose.. In the world we live in today... ? what the hell..