Friday, February 27, 2009

Saad Hussein's icky epistle FAIL

Criminals is stupid. Or nuts.

A delusional Ethiopian is now the King of Dumbassery with the decision to send two letters to President Obama and one to Rahm Emmanuel smeared in HIV positive blood. Now, how ineffective is this?

A clear waste of at least $1.26, during a recession! Surely an embarrassment to the house of terrorism...

His odds of dispensing infection to the masses (or singles) this way are zero. Yes, ZERO percent. A nice smudge of Hep C would have been more beneficial, from a terrorism viewpoint and maybe he would have stood a 5% chance of spreadin' the word. If the mailroom clerk had a papercut, and/or licked the ick, that is. (Disappointingly, there are some fabulously infectious blood borne diseases indigenous to Ethiopia alone. Now THAT would have been a statement. )

Ahhh, but it was even MORE pointless than you think! This shit, according to Hussein, was a cry for help from the (U.S.) government for his HIV treatment and to get tickets to the inauguration. He hearts B. Hussein O.

And now the poor stupid bastard has been arrested. I suspect that lawmakers have yet to make "failed mailed hiv terrorism en route to presidential friendship" a crime. So, he has been charged with "knowingly sending HIV infected blood throught the mail, with intent to kill or injure another." Good luck proving that one.

This, ahem, eccentric gentleman is currently having an (unnecessary) mental health eval right now. Or as soon as they can find a translator, that is.

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  1. There's a Darwin nominee if ever I saw one. That just screams, "Raving Idiot"