Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainn Wilson's Soul Pancake

I heart Soul Pancake. From uploading your napkin doodles (discuss) to debating the meaning of dreams, its filled with smart, creative people.

I had no idea Dwight Schrute was so innerestin'. His brand new brain baby is fun to play with.

Stuff to do (as opposed to stuff to chew, seriously) is my favorite part. The exercise shown here is to write your own spiritual mission statement, put it through wordle, and make it into art. Because, as Soul Pancake says, "Word art is Ultraman powerful."

So I did it.

Wordle: Soul Meditation

below is the mission statement i put into wordle:

to create more than i destroy; to contribute more than i take; to remain close to the earth; to meditate on the great OM; to live simply, to be simple, to bring simplicity into my heart and embrace it fully; to fight the hardness that creeps in; to allow the softness i find to soften myself; to remain close to the earth and try daily to understand her; to appreciate the god and the goddess all around me; to open my soul to the thumbprint of others; to solve the riddle of my soul.

If you make one, could you post it or a link to it here? I'm fascinated!


  1. I needed your mission statement today : ) off to create my own!

  2. pffft.. how do I paster 'er in here?

  3. Miss you as much as I love you, BB.