Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bonnafail; the ugly side of Manchester.

We all love love love Bonnaroo... but let's be honest, it's got it's filthy side... drugs, booze, poop and puke... which we all ignore and refuse to look at in order to continue on our four day denial of real life and our friendships and our muzak. But honestly, the ugly is beautiful and funny and touching and well, we all love the FAILS for the LULZ. So, here are a few.


Sleepy head. Missed the Beastie Boys.... poor baby.

Our very own camp FAIL. Tyler's tent leaked in the storm first night, so he made camp in his car. This resulted his daytime sleeping with a fan on his belly in 99 degree weather.

So cornfused about the diaper dudes. There were several. .. No porta potty use? Anyhoo- this one wanted to really hug up on my friend because he said he was "mellow."

The MuMu was everywhere... on men. FAIL AGAIN.

These were the "taxis" and that was the "mud." Obvious Fail.

Nuttin to say here. Hope it's not your cousin.

Smile. You're at Bonnaroo. Failing.

Dose him. Because obviously his dose from this morning failed.

This is a FAIL pic of Jonathan, because he's much cuter than this photo. But the REAL FAIL was that we all though that pink haired was a tranny. NOPE. That's a chick. Named Midge.

FAIL nudity. FAIL sunburn.

FAIL not obvious here... When you see it....

Walkway failure. Swampfoot.

For me this was a FAIL; for him it was success. The night before he asked to bum some money because he wanted to get drunk and lost. It appears he reached his goal.

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