Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obed/Solstice/Baby Daddy Day... Yay!

The pleasures of the Obed Wild and Scenic River are not to be had for free. It takes tenacity, rockclimbing skills, an urge to trailblaze, an ability to use a primitive camp, some kayaking aptitude, mad camp cooking skilz, a love for all wildlife including mosquitos, tolerance for men who swim in their jeans holding a natty lite, midnight catfishers, and hopefully a four-wheel drive clunker.

AND IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT! (kayaking daddy's creek from devil's breakfast table next)

A beautiful calm portion of the river, for which we scaled down a cliff to enjoy. The way up was much, much more difficult and included a broken tree extended down to Silas and I.

Awesome Neighbor. (clickey the pickey to make it bigger.) This here fella just caught this copperhead scavenging his fish guts while cleaning the fish he had just caught. (Notice the bulge in the snake's belly and the fish skin still hanging from the snake's mouth.) I kept asking him if he was going to kill it, and he said no... he enjoys being bitten. "The best high you've ever had. Better than LSD. Done it four times." Word to Wartburg.

Bubbles blowing over fire mesmerized the Si. That, and total exhaustion.

He's beautiful, even when he stinks. And boy, did he.

Magick Daddy Silas time here. This was our private swimming hole down the side of the mountain. NEED KEENS. CHACOS WEAK.

Father's Day Supper. Shucked 'em myself.

Umh, so the ones I couldn't shuck, we smoked on the embers of our fire. Easier to open when DEAD.

This abandoned tunnel runs right up next to a BUSY train track, and is the only method of getting across to the other side of the river. Jon glady flies through it in the dark (the water gets deep deep in there) but we chickened out.

This Awesome joint is where you get your firewood. HONOR SYSTEM. I heart it so...

The joys of Wartburg.


  1. I'm pretty sure I've been here...the bridge and the tunnel both look familiar...but there was a lot of alcohol involved that night, it was dark, and I wasn't driving. Meh.

  2. It looks like good times were speeding by. My weekend seemed to speed by. After having a very leisurely saturday morning/afternoon with best friend on his b-day, Robin and I sped to chattanooga to make the boat ride scheduled for celebration of her father's special day. Sunday morning around 7:30 Robin, Mom, and I sped to alabama down I-85 via I-75 & I-275 to spend daddy's day with my 88 year old grandfather that still drives, lives alone, and cares for himself, all while giving advice to many of the local officials on how to grow his dying town/community. Funny thing though, he has never been in public office and finished the 6th grade. Also, there is wonderful bliss the elderly have with the things they have seen and the humor that can be found in all situations no matter how dim they may have seemed at the time. And through the comic rendition of passed events they pass on a little of the that bliss for all listening to enjoy. As you can see good times also, sped by for me this weekend.