Friday, June 19, 2009


Erasure completed! Defuse-ion. De-Fretted...

I tend to make radical life decisions on the fly(ing)...

My first day working from home went a little something like this...

coffee in jammies, arrival of Tammy, juvenile court (kiddie in tow), case heard and closed (kiddie plays with other attorneys), earthfare for lunch and grand opening, us cellular for blackberry repair, back to the house (0ffice!), make a pot of coffee (in my newly paralegally scrubbed house), return about ten phone calls, visit with a pop-in friend, drink a cold beer, draft and sign a motion, the end.

Holly is totally stressing out here by the fax machine. . .

The house is a bit full now, but I heart my books. . .

The view from my desk . . . (and yes, that's a gigantic copier/scanner/fax/printer there, its gonna be moved soon)

Notice the Whack-a-Mole game in the bottom left corner. . .

It's hard to be frustrated now, with play-doh on my desk, and Kimya Dawson playing on the stereo (with Si singing along). The phone rings about twenty times a day, rather than a hundred, and the fax machine hums but not as loudly as the splashy noises from the fish tank. I believe my hesitation to do this was cemented in my own ego and pride; letting them go is catharsis. (I'm such a Leo, and will continue to struggle with vainglory.)

I wish it hadn't taken so long for me to sprout the ability to discern seed from chaff (an ability still in its infancy); I'm still a work in progress.


  1. Looks good! Wish I could do the same.

  2. I like the new office.. It's so homey! nyuck nyuck.. and I can tell people i'm a network adminitrator for the law office of purple house.. just keep the chicken off important files and I think you're golden!

  3. Good thing you've got that big hall for your books...doesn't even put a dent in the width. So does that mean copier parties at the house with the kids?

  4. you can mr. booni- you can!

    and jon- i will give you the BEST REFERENCE OUT!

    and traci- the kids get outta hand with the xeroxing the body parts and such. velvet rope around the copier!