Thursday, July 23, 2009

Esoteric Tangents

Currently reading Man and His Symbols and Jung on Synchronicity. I picked it up at McKay today and the prior owner wrote the following in the flap:

for ms. series
audrey. pushing me
against truck
. brain,tissue, flexing into
a grin behind my

Creative, right? It entertained me for a moment, wondering how the previous owner came to that poem. I though it rang sexual, whaddya you think?

I'm so fascinated by Jung. As I have always eschewed the irrational as unimportant and make every attempt to embrace logic, it's amazing to me that Mr.J is able to discuss protons and magnetic fields along with dream interpretation and collective consciousness is amazing.

Left brain + right brain. We can use both? No. He says we must use both. That we are damaging ourselves by refusing to use both. That our consciousness has not fully evolved until we are able to embrace both. HARD. WORK.

Of course this study of symbology, dreams, and the subconscious (which Mr. Jung always refers to as the unconscious) is related to the Playpark in my Mind.

I am also attempting to meditate; to clear my mind. Thus far it would appear that I need guided meditation as my logical self continually knocks on the door; vox Dei is not to be found in reason. I have my hopes up that next week's very quiet ocean trip will allow me some learning time.

The ocean has always been healing for me. In Costa Rica, I had an experience with the ocean that I now have tattooed on my body. After 7 years off birth control and a miscarriage, I got pregnant with Silas during a trip to the ocean to tickle manatees. So, I am excited to sit and listen to her, alone, at sunrise. And remember that I am tiny.

Till then, trial. Olives. Coraline. Yard sale. Tune up. Briefs. Books. Silas comes home.

Time passes too quickly for my taste.


  1. I have always loved Jung...he was very ahead of his time.

  2. i'm trying my hand at a little meditation as well - i'm reading wherever you go there you are by jon kabat-zinn - it's pretty good stuff