Monday, July 6, 2009

What to say to a new Poetess? Thank you.

My friend, Shannon, sent this to/for/about me today.

Robin Hood

Freeze the moment, hold it tight.
A summer night full of impromptu parties, chicken shit, cheap beer, ashtrays heaped with cigarettes, noisy neighbors, playing children.
It is there your hood was dropped.
In hazy porch light I swam through clouded water to reach your mind, full and deep.
Scariest dark places laden with dangerous unfound treasures.
It is also where I found your belief lost.

In that frozen moment filled with laughter and Sexstrology,
Head on hand you dropped your hood,
there you were sideways smile absent.
Tired, curious, searching, stalking, open, wanting in a moment wholly unconcealed.
Sleepy brown eyes lazying around like a big cat.
Fearing for your weakness, fighting your strength, and you feel it everyday.
Towering above the Liliputians that surround you.

Did you know that I watch you Robin Hood as you save the world around you?
A futile and bloody attempt.
Did you know that I listen to your stories, fascinated by the mysteries that drive you?
Did you know that in that smokey chicken filled inebriated summer night I saw a glimpse beyond the hood?
I want to reach my hand into that mind and pull from you all that you know, see and desire.
I want to wrestle that intellect until it submits to the beauty dying to be free.

You dropped your hood my friend,
but I will pick it up and cover you again.
Keeping the secret of who you are safe inside me.


  1. I love what Shannon is doing with this little exploration of her muse.

    I have to say I love this imagery of you. Having never met you, I can't compare beyond what I know from your blogs. But this description is tantalizing. I think I will be re-reading this quite a few times...

  2. Wow! It is really beautiful.
    Stranger though, is I think Joe knows that fellow who commented before me.

    Smoochies to you!