Monday, September 7, 2009

Drum Circle

Edit: All confirmations are being posted under comments, unless you're super secretive, then I promise not to tell (rose guy). Otherwise, does anyone know anyone who does poi, bellydance, etc. They need to come...

My back yard.
Drum circle.
October 3.
Harvest Moon.
Neil Young and Mickey Hart would be proud.
Fire pit provided...
You introduce the rhythm, we will follow.
I just wanna dance... (and so does Silas!)

If you know any good drummers- please put them in contact with me. bb ain't got no talent...

see ya there!


  1. just confirmed a drummer... beau dean, who participates in the asheville circle above! yay!! more more more

  2. I've got no rhythm and don't know any drummers, but I definitely plan on showing up. (Provided I don't have a new job where I'll be working during said time).

  3. further confirmations:

    tobie raines (my friend i havent seen in 15 yrs!)
    chad hellwinckel (no friend to porcupines)
    tracie hellwinckel (lollapalooza follower)
    blue hellwinckel(darth vader is his buddy)
    keith gunn (man with a plan)
    robin gunn (prof. drummer and african dancer!)
    killian gunn (dancer extraordinaire)
    kelton gunn (hungry, just plain hungry)
    jonathan ferguson (carries a bag of smiles)
    gary bogosian (armenian, and he proud of it!)
    shawn slaybaugh (beach bongo lover)
    silas slaybaugh (digiridrum expert)
    mark (oh tiny mark, i forgot your last name but i love you)

    more to come...

  4. tut and amy are hereby confirmed as drummers and djs...

  5. Rhian Merris (drummer)
    Jessica Payne (artist; dancer of drums)
    Jens Juhl (bet he can drum)
    Antoinette Juhl (excellent mom; has chickens)
    Juhl kids (4 in all; bet they have some drum experience)
    Sabrina Devault (works at Ijams; knows musicians)

  6. Becky Napier-Brown (literary theory is her beat)
    Randall Brown (he can drum)
    Will White (he can too)

  7. your chicken friend, her husband and their two kids..