Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do ya do?

What do you do when opposing counsel puts his hand on the inside of your leg each time he sits next to you?

What do you do when second chair counsel whispers incessantly in your ear, with his cheek to your cheek, his hand on your hand, and his lips on your ear?

What do you do when each time you're at the court clerk's counter, another attorney walks up and places his hand on the small of your back, under your jacket?

What do you do when your law professor incessantly calls the office, after your lunch with him inexplicably turned into a "date?"

What do you do when a judge calls you into his chambers, appoints you on a case, and then begins to explain the obsessions of sex to you?

What do you do, when all of these people are men and you are a woman?

Smile, that's what I do. What else is there?


  1. Reading that makes me angry (chop off balls angry)! I greatly admire how you handle it, with grace and a firm understanding of reality. It's a good ole boy society we live and work in and it's not going to change in the near future. Flash that beautiful smile of yours and indulge in some mental ball chopping from time to time.

  2. Damn, BB. I guess I'd vote for the smile plus, "Get your damn hands of me."

  3. You need some alley justice! F'n pigs!

  4. you guys are sweet... NOW COME GRAFFITI MY FENCE!!