Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Best Christmas Card I've Ever Gotten

I am not normally a Christmas Card fan. They're like flowers at a funeral for me- timing to say hello is a bit "off." (No no no person I haven't heard from in years, do not not not kill a tree to see if I am still alive).

But, I did get one that made me laugh this year. Ahem.

From an attorney:

Holiday Greetings and Well Wishes.*

*Blank & Blank, LLC sends holiday greetins and well wishes to you, your family (if you so desire), your friends and others whom you may desire to have a nice and pleasant holiday, but in no way does Blank & Blank, LLC guarantee or warrant, expressly, impliedly, or otherwise, that such individual(s) will experience a pleasant holiday season due to forces beyond the control of Blank & Blank, LLC, including but not limited to acts of outrageous condut by family and friends (including ex-spouses, and soon-to-be ex- spouses), weather events, horrific behavior experienced at retail stores, dreadful traffic, burned ham, turkey or other similar holiday food, atrocious holiday sweaters or other holiday attire, fruit cakes and other undesirable gifts, strings of lights that do not properly work and other comparable holiday stressors. This card is meant as a gift from Blank & Blank, LLC. This card has no cash value and does not have any exchange value for legal services.



  1. Mi gusta! A+ for creativity.

  2. Christmas Cards: "I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you...this is my way of letting you know I still know you exist, I just haven't wanted to talk to you this year. Merry Christmas!" lol