Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I haven't been this excited since Mini-Bake Oven...

Tonight, as I was on the phone with another attorney discussing appellate strategy, while Silas was screaming and running and Shawn was here trying to catch him, while the television was blaring Cartoon Network and the neighbors were in the yard, the UPS man came a knockin...

And made a fantasy, reality. You see, I ordered The Red Book months ago, and was denied my order. I called the publisher and found out that the 4,000 they were going to print did not in any way meet the demand. That people were "bumped". That I was bumped. That I could place an order for re-printing in January...

And I did.

And so, today, I recieved my Red Book. First Edition. Completely unaware. And surprised.

And now, I must read.


  1. Coolbies squared, B! What an awesome Christmas gift for you! Dive in and do the luxuriant backstroke and when you surface, share the happy thoughts! Oh, and I remember the Easy Bake Oven too - it was my prized possession.