Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

although we are all in a mud covered funk, drinking our sorrows using a straw with a hole in it, thinking "when did i agree to move to seattle?" and making that lovely little spot on the couch which fits our ass cheeks EXACTLY- spring really is almost here. and i gots springy type projects in mind.

- the new overpass on sixth ave which crosses right on washington going into parkridge has some bullshit tags on it now. if you know the "artist" DONE, please introduce me, as i would like to introduce them to wooster collective. in protest to their sad little statement, i want to stencil flowers over "done." i think if we use washable paint, there is nothing that can be done to us (fingerpaint anyone?) and it won't rinse off as it is protected by the overpass. lemme know when you're up for some late night faux crime. also, sidewalk chalk would be a welcome additive. THIS IS GONNA ABSOLUTELY RAWK. also, codename 646 wants to experiment with reverse grafitti so if anyone happens to have gallons of turpentine and/or a powerwasher...

- the hood wants to be self sustaining. this means bees and chickens. now, i myself AM placing bees on my roof and if the city decides that its ugly, or the H-1 does, i will deal with that. but, the city chickens (for fresh organic eggs) are regulated by an archaic law that finds them to be trashy. i need need need anyone and everyone who is willing to sign a (form) letter to email me. we are designing a permit system so that YOUR neighborhood need not be afflicted. MINE desires said affliction. the bourgousie chicken objections of most are untrue assumptions but still keep us from keeping a good laying hen. educational outreach needed.

- the knoxville permaculture guild is having a workshop on growing your own mushrooms soon; i will be in attendance. please join if your an eater of the fungus and YOU WILL NOT PAY FOR THEM AGAIN. oh lawd, free food is fun.

- anyone who knows FOR CERTAIN that a field or yard is not chemically treated, please let me know. dandelion collection for dandelion wine is forthcoming, but i need QUARTS of the little buggers to make it happen. the preservatives in non-organic wines hurt my belly, so i'm brewing organic on my own.

- i'm gonna be whitewashing my fence soon, and i'll assume that i'm on my own there. but, i do have beer if you wanna say hello during my tiring huck-like labor. I use this recipe.

- if you have a project that you would like me to assist in, well, lets scratch each other's backs. im kinda hard to get in touch with so email and text is best. i hate my phone!



  1. if you know of just a good dirty wall all we need for some fun beauty is a toothbrush, wire brush, elbow grease and some clean "green" detergents. I prefer not to use any harsh chemicals.. as i guess it goes against the point I'm thinking up ideas.

    I'm also looking for any good places that are left undisturbed most of the spring/summer.. as in people do not mow/weed eat, etc.. I'm thinking free food in alleys for no good reason is beautiful
    I've already planted some seeds in mine
    hopefully they grow happy.. lola has spent all winter pooping in it

    Oh I will gladly sign the petition/form letter for chickies

  2. oh i'm trying to find something like this but cheaper..

  3. White washing sounds fun and you could have picked our dandys but the good doctor scythed the yard, but the dandy's 'll be back...

    Ain't there a good graffiti artist who can help us on that underpass?

  4. I have a lead on some dandies...when you want to pick? We have to move quickly.