Friday, April 10, 2009

Better Than Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

today, i donned my best "if you can't afford the lawyer you love, then love the lawyer you can afford" tee and 10g earrings (i've had them out too long, owweeee), and headed for the co-op in maryville (where i fit in nicely). asking for silas' easter gift, they crammed four new hatchlings in a tiny box and handed them over. (believe it or not, chicks are in high demand right now, and they're selling like hotcakes. between me calling and arriving at the store, most of these had been sold. there was a crowd of chilluns around them... none of the easter dyed pinkbluegreen ones though. it was really difficult to find female chicks without ordering them through the mail...)

comic relief in cardboard. now, in the form of sheen, redbeak, whiteface, and mowgli. silas has giggled as much as they've chirped.

i keep catching silas kissing them. i have no idea whether they can survive his love. (especially since he keeps saying' "watch, i can make them dance" while he jiggles them up and down and slaps their feet against the table. they're either gonna be really tame or really dead.)

they have moved from a teeny cardboard box to a larger rubbermaid home with butterbowl lids to make it homey for the eats- that should last about three days. you can see sheen (what's with these names? sheen is jimmy neutron's best friend, i guess), top, strutting her stuff and chirping her brains out.

they are wyandottes, and when grown, should give us an egg a day, each. that's enough for us and the neighbors. i really hope they make it to the backyard.

i love them too. just gently.


  1. cute pic of silas.

    I have 14g earrings and those mugs hurt when I try to put them back in after they've been out a while.

    and that Looney Toon is one my favorites!

  2. I never take my 8g's out. Sleep in 'em. Plugs are good for this if you don't like sleeping in your organics.

    Can't wait to see the chicks on Jefferson Ave. You need a fence so all the neighborhood dogs don't find your pen...well you just need a fence.

  3. P.S. Hollow choc bunny? Forget that hollow shit. I paid premium for a solid NC made bunny, choc peanut butter eggs and a sugar egg with a little rabbit or somethin' inside at other goodies. Mast rocks! because they have the coolest candy EVER. Besides, their jelly bellies are cheaper then the bulk ones at Food City.